We are a group of local artists and creatives who came together during the second lockdown to create a unique online event showcasing our latest work over 7 days. Due to the success of that event, we have decided to continue as a collective for the rest of the year. Hoping to bring our art to as many people as possible, it is an opportunity to expand and show our work to the local community, both online and through physical exhibitions. We have many exciting plans in the works and hope to bring some news to you soon! 



While we all get back to our work to create some new and exciting pieces, we wanted keep in touch with our followers and friends both near and far, through our social media channels. We have therefore organised a calendar of exciting artist take overs, in which each artist from the collective has the opportunity to take control of all our social media channels to talk about their work, their inspirations, their challenges and Processes. It's an exciting challenge for all our artists and we cannot wait to have our turn. So we hope you enjoy seeing our posts and blog posts on this site.


In the meantime do keep in touch and let us know your thoughts and suggestions!


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