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Anita Kutsarova
Anita Kutsarova

Anita Kutsarova is a London based contemporary artist.

Her intention as an artist is to create a unique and immersive experience, not only a painting. She is influenced by the pure and authentic spirit of nature.

Sometimes only a thought about a place she is planning to visit could trigger a new idea for a painting.

Her paintings are meditative, some of them very colourful and strong, others in pastel colours. They contain elements of places she has been- the colours of Cuba, Scandinavia landscape, dramatic sky of England and Mediterranean.

Her matter subject is drawn from the abstract forms in nature. She feels a strong connection with the ocean and the changing mood of the sky. They allow her to slow down, take a deep breath and expand her soul by connecting to nature and embracing freedom.

Her aim is to make a special experience for you, the observer.  Make you feel.  Spark your curiosity. Feel special.  Embrace hope and freedom. Feel determined to accomplish your goals. Find perfection in the world we live in. Give you peace.

She wants to give you the opportunity to feel and see her work through your own experience.

The variance of materials she uses allow her to play and feel free to explore new effects and create work which sometimes is textural, sometimes more transparent with dripping effect. She loves to work in layers. Long hours of layering to find the right balance of colour and depth also need to be considered by the viewer. The balanced use of sweeping brush strokes, over layering or dripping make her work authentic and independent.

Anita would love to hear from you if you have any questions or would just like to chat to her about her work. Get in touch via email any time:

Anita Kutsarova