Corin Ashleigh Brown

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Corin is an artist based in London, United Kingdom.

Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, she moved with her mother to South Africa in the early 1980’s. During the noughties she trained as a photographer whilst living in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Over the last 5 years Corin has returned to her love of making and the handmade. Working in a variety of mediums from photography to relief printing, drawing and oil painting, her source of inspiration continues to come from her time growing up in Africa during times of great political change.

Much of her work focuses on celebrating African culture, however her latest work is more of an investigation into her feelings of inherited culture and histories and how the land of one's birth influences one’s connection with both the natural and spiritual world.

For CPexhibit12 Corin shares a collection of her lino prints, a mix of new work and a collection of previously exhibited work. She hopes you like what you see!

Corin would love to hear from you if you have any questions or would just like to chat to her about her work. Get in touch via email any time: