Emma Walker

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Emma's illustrations are amalgamations of domestic settings and artefacts within the home. The

images often capture what is lost or nearly lost, recording objects that are deemed out of place or have been left behind or may lose their former significance.

Many of the pictures have a story to tell. Hidden within the layers  you may find a ticket from a steam train journey, a child’s painting, a sticker from a museum shop, a poem written by a loving Grandad, messages scribed inside of book jackets, the signature of a five year old,  an old school exercise book cover, children’s heights recorded on a door frame... Look closely! You might find them.

Emma discovered illustration alongside a long career working as a Textile Artist for film, television and theatre, a career that has shaped her eye for design, form and colour. She uses hand and digital techniques which cross over into both disciplines.

Her illustrations are layers of original drawings digitally collaged to produce limited edition archival giclée prints.

This showcase includes some new works on paper from the “lockdown” - individual inanimate domestic objects she still has from her own childhood,  hand painted on vintage wallpaper with brown paper tape edges using chalk paints and inks.

Emma would love to hear from you if you have any questions or would just like to chat to her about her work. Get in touch via email any time: Emma@emmawalkerstudio.com