Louise C Galizia

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Growing up in Malta, drawing and painting always played an important role in her life, studying at school, and then at 6th form, and again while studying design at Diploma level. But it was only when she met Florence trained artist Jason Lu at the age of 21 did she feel like she really started to understand the process and techniques of fine art. This lead her to finally finding her confidence in her work, and seeing it as an important part of her personal progression as a creative and artist. in 2007 She moved to London where she focused on her film work. While in between directing projects she went back to her paintings, enjoying the simplicity and intimacy of it. She signed up to lessons at London fine art in Battersea where she developed her skills in Portraiture, landscape and still life. 

She now paints whenever she can, taking part in local exhibitions and shows whilst still pursuing her film career. Focusing on narrative, her focus is on family, friends and those places that mean the most. She uses her two disciplines to inform each other, making it more then showing what is in front of them, but going deeper, uncovering the layers of story and emotion. “It's not just about coverage, or conveying what you see in front of you - it's about uncovering what’s below the surface - the emotion, tone and meaning of a moment. 

I want people to have a response to the story or painting: to feel the temperature of the night air as they walk through a landscape; to question what a person is feeling as they sit ...; to feel the sadness, love or joy that those characters are experiencing as we watch their story unfold."

Louise would love to hear from you if you have any questions or would just like to chat to her about her work. Get in touch via email any time: louise.galizia@gmail.com